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Exterior & Garden Specials
Buy Liberon Decking Oil

Liberon Decking Oil protects and enhances all timber decking. Marine formula with UV filters gives excellent weather protection. Also protects against stains, grease marks etc.

Buy Liberon Decking Cleaner

Liberon Tough Deck Cleaner & Reviver is ideal for cleaning old, tired and dirty natural wooden decking which has dulled and faded over time. It helps to remove black spotting caused by mould or lichen from most types of wood.

Buy Rustins Decking Oil

Rustins Decking Oil is a hard-wearing, water resistant oil that retains the colour of the decking. It contains UV light inhibitors and biocides which protects the oil from mould and algae growth.

Buy Rustins Exterior Wood Oil

Rustins Exterior Wood Oil is a unique water-borne blend of natural plant oils and other special ingredients to norish and protect all types of outdoor timber which dries with a low lustre finish.

£26.95 + VAT
2 litres only £10.95 + VAT
5 litres : From £23.95 + VAT
1 litre £14.95 + VAT
Cold Patination Metal Treatments
Antiquing Fluid

Antiquing Fluid is a cold patination treatment which will colour brass, copper, bronze or steel to give an antique look. It is ideal for use in antique restoration and can be used on un-lacquered brass and copper. The finish can be sealed with Liberon Jade Oil or lacquers.


 A cold patination fluid for producing a green verdigris effect on copper, brass & bronze. This will produce a genuine verdigris coating by a chemical reaction with the surface metal.

Jade Oil

 Rustins Jade Oil displaces moisture from the surface of metals. It is ideal to "dry" metals after using Antiquing Fluid for Copper and Brass. Jade Oil will also help retard tarnishing after polishing by depositing a thin protective film on the surface of the metal.


Cold Patination Pre-Treatment is an acidic degreasing solution that thoroughly cleans and degreases metals before applying Antiquing Fluid or Verdigris Fluid. It ensures a thoroughly clean surface which is essential for an even colour.

Available sizes : 1 litre, 5 litres
From £8.95 + VAT 
From £8.95 + VAT
500ml only £10.65 + VAT
1 litre only £9.95 + VAT
Oil Finishes Special Offers
Liberon Pure Tung Oil

Liberon Pure Tung Oil is a non toxic natural extract with extremely good heat and water resistance. Ideal for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, coffee tables etc. Dries to a matt finish. Interior or exterior use.

Bona hard wax oil

Very durable floor finish for that combined natural wax feel and exceptional wear resistance. Water repellent - can also be used on kitchen worktops. Silkmatt & Matt sheens. 1 litre size also available.

Mylands Danish Oil

Very durable penetrating oil that can be used on interior and exterior timber. Excellent heat and water resistance make this a very versatile finishing product.

Liberon Finishing oil

A high quality interior oil, Liberon Finishing Oil is a blend of linseed oils, tung oil, resins and driers for use on all interior wood, turned woodwork and wooden toys.

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Only £58.95 + VAT
Our Price : £49.95 + VAT
Only £44.95 + VAT
Our Price : £34.50 + VAT
Selected Varnishes
Liberon Hard Wax Oil

Premium blend of oils and waxes for use on all wooden floors and furniture. Water based formula. Liberon Hard Wax Oil is especially suited to humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. 1 litre and 2.5 litre sizes available.

* Available in Satin or Matt finishes.
Liberon Hi-Resistance Varnish

Traditional oil based polyurethane floor varnish. Very hard wearing, suitable for high traffic areas. High Resistance Varnish offers a durable, high quality finish within 24 hours.

* Available in Satin or Matt finishes.
Rustins Yacht Varnish

Rustin's Yacht Varnish is specially formulated on Tung Oil to give maximum protection and durability to marine and other external woodwork. It has excellent adhesion and will not flake or peel when correctly applied. Ideal for exterior doors and window frames.


A water based acrylic floor varnish that maintains the original colour of the timber. Suitable for low to medium traffic areas. Natural Finish Varnish offers a durable, natural looking finish. EN71 safe for toys approved.

* Available in Satin or Matt finishes.
2.5 litres £29.95 + VAT
2.5 litres : £23.50 + VAT
1 litre only £10.95 + VAT
2.5 litres : £24.50 + VAT
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