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Liberon Pure Tung Oil

Liberon Pure Tung Oilsource of pure tung oilLiberon Pure Tung Oil is produced from the seeds of the Vernicia fordii or China wood tree (left), and is highly resistant to water, alcohol and food acids.
 Providing a hard wearing finish it is ideal for surfaces such as kitchen worktops, tables and all high quality interior wood.
 Pure Tung Oil, with no added dryers, is a natural, non-toxic product which can be used on toys and objects in contact with food such as salad bowls etc. Being a penetrating oil it allows the wood to age gracefully and develop a natural patina.

  • Premium, natural oil for wood care
  • Ideal for use on food contact surfaces including kitchen worktops, chopping boards and salad bowls
  • Provides a long lasting matt finish
  • Water, heat and alcohol resistant
  • EN71 Approved safe for toys
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Recommended for use on external Oak
  • Usage : Interior and exterior
  • Coverage : 1 L = 10-12 m²
  • Drying Time : 4 days

Ensure the wood surface is bare: remove any wax finishes with Liberon Wax and Polish Remover and any varnish finishes with Paint Stripper. Clean, dry and ensure the surface is dust free.

Apply Liberon Pure Tung Oil using a brush or lint-free cotton cloth. For ease of application dilute the first one or two coats with up to 50% white spirit. Allow the oil to penetrate for 20 to 30 minutes then wipe off the excess oil using a clean lint-free cloth. Allow to dry for 24 hours between coats.
Apply further coats of Liberon Tung Oil as above, reducing the amount of white spirit used with subsequent coats. Again allow 24 hours to dry.
Apply the last one or two coats of Liberon Tung Oil undiluted, as in previous applications. After the final coat has been applied and excess removed leave for 24 hours and wipe over again to aid drying and remove any oil that may have surfaced. We recommend a minimum of 4 coats; more coats will be required for porous or external surfaces. For best results, gently rub with Liberon Ultra Fine Steel Wool (0000) between coats.
Leave for a few days before use to allow the Liberon Pure Tung Oil to dry fully. Furniture items may be finished with Liberon Black Bison Wax for an improved lustre.
Pure Tung Oil must be maintained on a regular basis. Apply at least once or twice a year or more if required, depending upon exposure to weather and usage. On exposed timber it is important to apply sufficient coats of oil to give the initial protection.
Oil finishes bring out the natural colours of timber. A wet surface will be an indication of the final colour. Always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result.

· Tung Oil is extracted from nuts and may cause an allergic reaction.
· Oily cloths can self combust. Do not leave impregnated cloths in bundles. Before discarding lay them flat outside to dry to avoid a fire hazard.
· If the excess is not removed and the surface becomes sticky, wipe with white spirit to remove the sticky film and allow to dry before continuing.
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Liberon Pure Tung Oil
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Tung oil is made from pressed seeds from the nut of the tung tree. The tung tree, native to China, is named for its heart-shaped leaves because “tung” is Chinese for “heart.” In the 14th century, Chinese merchants were noted for using tung oil to waterproof and protect wooden ships from the eroding powers of the sea. There are even mentions of tung oil appearing in the writings of Confucius in around 400 B.C. For these reasons, it is also sometimes referred to as “China wood oil.”
Pure tung oil is considered a drying oil much like linseed, safflower, poppy and soybean oil and is known to have a slightly golden tint. Tung oil, which is actually a vegetable oil, is considered the best penetrating drying oil available due to its unique ability to wet the surface, allowing it to penetrate even the densest woods. Unlike linseed oil, it will not darken with age.
• Marco Polo is said to have brought a sample back to the western world from China.
• Completely natural and renewable, pure tung oil has gained recent popularity
among the environmentally conscious.
• Inherently resistant to disease and insects, tung trees require no fungicides
or pesticides.
• Tung nut by products can be used for mulch or burned for fuel.
It is a small deciduous tree that grows up to 40 feet tall with smooth bark and a branchy head. Its leaves are dark green and glossy with blades 3-13 inches wide. The tung tree has flowers that range in size from 1-3 inches in diameter with petals that are white tinged with red and yellow. Each nut or fruit contains 3-7 large seeds.
The tung tree’s official botanical name is Aleurites fordii. It thrives in moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soil. These hearty, fast growing trees mature to bear fruit in their third year and yield commercial quantities at four to five years of age. Maximum production occurs in the tenth to twelfth years of growth, with trees expected to be commercially productive for at least 20 years after optimum production has occurred.
In the Northern Hemisphere, tung tree nuts grow in clusters and fall to the ground from late September through November. The fruits are left for a few weeks to dry and cure. Tung oil is produced by harvesting these nuts and separating the nuts from their hard outer shells. Then the transparent oil is squeezed from the seeds inside.
Dried and pressed nuts yield about twenty percent oil. Under favorable conditions an acre of tung trees will produce about two tons of tung nuts and yield about 100 gallons of raw tung oil annually.


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