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Liberon Pure Beeswax Block

Liberon Pure Beeswax Block
Purified yellow beeswax in solid block form.
Use for lubricating drawer runners etc., or for making furniture polish.
Price : From 6.30 ex VAT, 7.56 inc VAT

Liberon Carnauba Wax Flakes

Liberon Carnauba Wax Flakes
Purified natural wax used to make furniture polish.
Very hard giving a high gloss finish.
Price : 6.99 ex VAT, 8.39 inc VAT

Liberon Lubricating Wax

Liberon Lubricating Wax
Lubrucates tools and machinery, increasing their efficiency and prolonging their life.
Ideal for use on saw and planer beds, saw blades, drill bits etc.

Silicone free.
Price : 12.95 ex VAT, 15.54 inc VAT

Liberon Dry Shellac Flakes

Liberon Dry Shellac Flakes
Purified natural resin used to make French polishes.
There are 4 types available (Blonde Shellac listed separately).
Price : 9.50 ex VAT, 11.40 inc VAT

Blonde Dewaxed Shellac Flakes

Blonde Dewaxed Shellac Flakes
Purified dewaxed natural resin, used to make a transparent pale French polish.
Dissolves in methylated spirit.
Price : From 7.95 ex VAT, 9.54 inc VAT

Liberon Paraffin Wax

Liberon Paraffin Wax
A solid block of paraffin wax.
Used for sealing the end grain of timber to avoid splitting during storage, and as a constituent of wax polishes.
Price : 3.97 ex VAT, 4.76 inc VAT

Rottenstone Powder

Rottenstone Powder
Rottenstone is a very fine abrasive for polishing French polish finishes.

Also used to create an aged effect on certain applications.
Price : 5.95 ex VAT, 7.14 inc VAT

Jewellers Rouge Powder

Jewellers Rouge Powder
Jewellers Rouge is a very fine abrasive for polishing precious metals, jewellery and glass etc.
Price : From 1.50 ex VAT, 1.80 inc VAT
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