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Bona Mega Wood Floor Lacquer

Bona Mega Wood Floor Lacquer

Bona Mega is a single pack, waterbourne, 100% polyurethane, oxygen crosslinking wooden floor lacquer. It uses self-crosslinking technology to produce a durable film suitable for protecting wooden floors .
Suitable for commercial and domestic areas subject to heavy wear.
Price : From 74.95 ex VAT, 89.94 inc VAT

Bonakemi Traffic

Bonakemi Traffic
A two-pack, waterbourne, 100% polyurethane wooden floor lacquer.

For areas subject to extremely high levels of of use or where a very matt or "invisible" finish is required.
Price : 69.00 ex VAT, 82.80 inc VAT

Bona Prime Classic

Bona Prime Classic
A one component waterbourne acrylate primer for use on wooden floors prior to overcoating with any Bonakemi waterbourne surface finish.
Price : 48.50 ex VAT, 58.20 inc VAT

Bona Mix and Fill

Bona Mix and Fill
A water based joint filler designed to be mixed with sanding dust to provide a filler for joints up to 2mm wide, and other minor defects.

Not suitable for use with Merbau or Rodesian Teak.
Price : 35.50 ex VAT, 42.60 inc VAT

Bona Freshen Up

Bona Freshen Up
A ready to use product designed for the maintainance of wooden floors already coated with lacquer.
It revives a scratched and dull surface giving a newly finished look and continuing protection against wear.
Price : 38.50 ex VAT, 46.20 inc VAT

Bonakemi Parkett Polish Remover

Bonakemi Parkett Polish Remover
A concentrated liquid polish and heel mark remover for use on wooden floors polished with Parkett Polish.
For removal of Parkett Polish and Freshen Up, dilute 1 litre in 5 litres of water. For removal of heel marks, 1 cap to 100ml water.
Price : 3.95 ex VAT, 4.74 inc VAT

Bona Parkett Floor Cleaner

Bona Parkett Floor Cleaner
A neutral detergent, ph 6-8, designed specifically for use on sealed wooden floors and melamine laminate floors.
Will clean the surface without removing the polish.
Price : 25.95 ex VAT, 31.14 inc VAT

Bona Gap Master - 310ml

Bona Gap Master - 310ml
Mastic type silicone free gap and joint filler for use on wooden floors.
Designed for filling gaps around skirting boards, parquet blocks and for minor repairs.
Price : 6.15 ex VAT, 7.38 inc VAT

Bona Hard Waxoil

Bona Hard Waxoil

Bona Hard Wax Oil is a balanced blend of natural oils and waxes for surface treating untreated wooden floors and other interior woodwork. Hardwax Oil both impregnates the wood and creates a durable superficial film with excellent resistance to water and
Price : From 23.95 ex VAT, 28.74 inc VAT
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