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Rustins Ring Remover - 125ml

Rustins Ring RemoverRustins Ring Remover is a mixture of fine abrasives that will remove water and heat mark damage from a range of polished surfaces such as lacquers, varnishes and French Polish. Ring Remover will also restore the gloss and remove minor defects from finishes.

  • Removes water & heat mark damage from a range of polished surfaces such as lacquers, varnishes and French Polish
  • Restores gloss
  • Removes minor defects

    Shake well before use. Apply using a clean, lint-free cotton cloth and rub vigorously in a circular motion over the mark until it is removed. Buff with a clean, dry cotton cloth then wax or polish as normal.
    Always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end results.
    Ring Remover may produce a shiny surface when used on matt or satin finishes. If this occurs gently matt back the surface with Liberon Ultra Fine (0000) Steel Wool and re-wax with Liberon Black Bison Paste Wax.
    White marks made by water or heat on waxed surfaces may be removed using Liberon Wax and Polish Remover.
    Dark marks made by water or heat indicate damage to the wood. The finish may need to be completely removed so the bare wood can be treated with Liberon Wood Bleacher.

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    Rustins Ring Remover
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