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Granwax Master Finish
5 litres

Granwax Master FinishGranwax Masterfinish is the ideal choice for floors that will be subjected to constant extreme heavy use. Masterfinish also enhances the colour of the wood with good depth, giving a pleasing appearance to the surface.

  • 'Duro-elasticity'. This causes excellent abrasion resistance and wear characteristics, whilst giving excellent flexibility. This is particularly important on soft wood subjected to heavy work loads.
  • U.V. stability is excellent - will not yellow on exposure to sunlight.
  • Easy to apply. Components mix together quickly.
  • Fast curing : floor may be put back into light use after 12 hours.
  • Good surface adhesion. Can be used to overcoat most types of factory finishes once cleaned and abraded.
  • Suitable for sports use : passes B.S. 7044: Part 4 1991 (under dry conditions) and German DIN 18032 Part 2.
  • Silk or matt finish available

SPECIFICATION: Overcoating existing floors: 2 coats.
DRYING TIME: Approximately 1 to 2 hours at 20C/50% R.H.
Please note: Poor ventilation, low temperatures and high humidity will all extend product drying and curing time.
CURING TIME: 72 hours at 20C/50% R.H. (Will take light traffic after 12 hours dependant on temperature). Extreme care should be taken to avoid covering the surface, eg. plastic sheeting, rugs, etc., as this will damage the curing process.
COVERAGE: For best results coverage should be approximately 14m per 1 litre. This coverage rate is offered as a guide only as surface porosity will vary.
POT LIFE: Approximately 3 hours when mixed. DO NOT USE AFTER THIS PERIOD.
Drying Time : Approximately 1 to 2 hours at 20'C room temperature 50% relative humidity (good ventilation essential).
Coverage : Approximately 80 square metres, depending on porosity of surface.
Ensure the floor is clean, dry and free from contaminants. (If any doubts exist with regard to previously coated surfaces, please contact the Granwax Technical Department on 01773 541177).
New floors should be final sanded using a suitable sandpaper or sandscreen disc (normal conditions 100-150grit) to ensure a smooth surface. Remove all fine dust and contaminants prior to application.
Mix resin and hardener, shake well and allow to stand for approximately 1 minute prior to application. Apply Masterfinish evenly using Granleda Applicator or Padco Floor Coater, taking care to avoid puddles or ridges, which will detract from the overall appearance. It is suggested that a fresh applicator pad is used for each application of finish to avoid transference of partially cured material.
When 1st coat is dry (approx. 1-2 hours) apply subsequent coats or, if necessary remove raised grain using 150 grit sandscreen disc and rotary buffing machine. This process should be carried out when thoroughly dry to avoid damage to the finish. When complete, remove all fine dust prior to application of further coats.
As a guideline, apply 2 coats for domestic, 3 for normal commercial duty & 4 for very heavy traffic.
IMPORTANT: Product should not be used in temperatures less than 10C. Once mixed containers of Masterfinish cannot be used after 3 hours as this will affect the product performance.
PLEASE NOTE: Masterfinish is designed to cure quickly and if left longer than the recommended drying time between coats, it may be necessary to abrade the surface to ensure good inter-coat adhesion. Dependent on time scale and site conditions, the abrasion required will be a minimum 150grit sandscreen disc.
After leaving for 8-12 hours a 100-120grit will be necessary.
When final coat has been applied the surface should be allowed to cure for 12 hours (subject to site conditions) prior to commencement of light traffic. The product will continue to cure for 72 hours.
MAINTENANCE: When cured the surface should be treated in accordance with our care and maintenance instructions, available upon request. Alternatively, contact your local representative to arrange a free maintenance visit.
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