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Liberon Iron Paste

Liberon Iron PasteLiberon Iron Paste is a black graphite paste producing a silver/black look to decorative cast and wrought iron in the home - the old black lead look.
It is specially suited for ornamental ironwork, cast iron grates, surrounds and fire irons.

  • Ideal for use when renovating cast iron fire places and surrounds
  • Suitable for use on wrought & cast iron
  • Reduces the possibility of rusting
  • Does not flake off
  • Bakes itself onto the surface
  • Can be buffed to a high shine
Before applying the Iron Paste make sure the surface is clean and free from rust using a rust remover or alternatively Cold Patination Pre-Treatment.

Apply the Iron Paste sparingly to the whole surface with a brush or cotton cloth. Allow to dry for a minimum of 4 hours before buffing with a brush or cotton cloth.

To obtain a decorative, patinated finish on sculpted or high relief pieces, carefully polish the raised area with a cotton cloth.

Alternatively the Iron Paste may be applied with a brush that is wet with white spirit :
Work the Iron Paste with the wet brush to a thick liquid consistency and apply to the surface like a paint. Buff out when dry and repeat the process until the required depth of colour is achieved.

Always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result. Do not apply to hot surfaces.
Always wear rubber gloves when using this product.
Re-apply and buff as necessary. Clean brushes in white spirit.

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Liberon Iron Paste
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